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When reading this transcript, please keep in mind that I typed this up while listening to it occur on the radio. Significant grammar, spelling, and factual errors may occur.

I don’t care if you’re doing it just for fun...Satanists are using this as a smokescreen.
-Former Satanist

Researcher of cult activities:
A1: I have noticed an increase in Hallowe'en paraphernalia. It’s almost like Christmas. I walked into a store and found a Hallowe'en Christmas tree and Hallowe'en village. Have you?
R: I have noticed an increase of publicity because most of society is not catching the concept of the roots of Hallowe'en; they’re looking at the American version and not considering the real evil roots. This kicks home for me, because in 1986, I started [the Cult Activites] which involved bringing people out of the magical arts and helping law enforcement deal with this.
A1: I assume that you’re going to draw a link between Hallowe'en and its Satanic background?
R: There is definitely a link. Those practicing witchcraft and satanism’s most sacred holiday is Hallowe’en.
A1: Is there any research on this subject?
R: There is a lot of research. Hallowe’en is traced to before Christianity. Their community was called the Druids and Hallowe’en was a celtic winter festival held on October 31. Samhain, the king of death was supposedly more powerful on this night. The community had the responsibility of keeping a balance within society and taking care of the livestock with sacrifice. They believed that a nocturnal beast called the pooka was delighted by human torture on these nights. We in the U.S. have tried to take these celebrations from Europe and make them alright. The church also had to unify the Christian church. They realized that cults had this celebration. They created All Saint’s Day on November 1, to help All Hallow’s Eve, but it did not.
A1:Is that where we get Hallowe'en?
R: Yes, that’s where we get the term Hallowe'en.
A1: I thought harvest festival was good?
R: When the harvest was over, one of the practices was to trick or treat. The Druids would go from house to house to collect an offering for the god of death and if it was not given, they would perform a “trick” like stealing some of the livestock. This has translated to modern day times.
A1: Talk a little about the Celts or Druids?
R: The Druids were the religious sect and the educated class of the Celts. They appointed the high king, low king, nobles, chiefs. They were judges and musicians. Pretty much the high class of today. Modern day Druids are still present in this society, but they are more secretive.
A1: What do they practice?
R: They worship Samhain. They taught astrology, magic, the power of the circle, membership fees, they worshipped the sun. They practiced animal and even human sacrifice. Because of their secrecy, there are no written records, but there was a lot of torture in society so it follows that they were responsible for it in that time.
A1: What’s the connection between this and Hallowe'en?
R: We do not see modern day Druids practicing human sacrifice, but practice magic and such. These are active practices today. They still go out and perform their religious ceremonies. Hallowe'en is one of the highest crime rate times in the year. Can this all be linked back to druid foundation? No, but it is a time when evil escalates.
A1: You mentioned trick or treating. Where do our other Hallowe’en traditions come from?
R: The U.S. has been called the melting pot of cultures. When the Celtic peopl came to the U.S., they established their traditions. When we talk about this, they bring a lot of good and bad. Some of the Salem Witch Trials come from a cultic standard. We see carving a Jack o’ Lantern to be normal and harmless, but in ancient times, Druids would hollow out a turnip and put a candle in to light the way from house to house. We look at things like the roasting of chestnuts as being harmless. This goes back to divination. Druids would throw nuts in the fire. As the nuts heated, some would pop out and the Druids would divine who would be married.
A1: I thought roasting nuts was only at Christmas.
R: It was the future of picking a spouse. It was a manner of divination. Same with bobbing apples. Druids would bob for apples with names on them. Whoever’s name came up would be that who married the bobber.
A1: What’s the deal with costumes?
R: People would wear masks to become physical representations of loved ones, or dead or the evil past. They believed it would scare away evil and bring in the good and was a representation of the Festival of the Dead.
A1: We don’t think about all this today. What’s the big deal?
R: It comes back to being a light to a lost world. We come from a culture that thinks that Hallowe'en is innocent, but when you take it back to a cultic background. We still have people coming to practice cultic holidays on Hallowe'en. We are unknowingly giving glory and honor to the enemy when we should be giving it to the Lord.

All of this comes from documented sources. When you look into historical accounts, look at documented facts. Thats what we do as Christians. Do I really want my family to practice something that has been associated with the enemy?

We told you a little about the origins. Does this mean we should just hide until it’s over?
B: Our topic today is Hallowe'en. Its a difficult time. sometimes churches have a difficult time dealing with it. So that’s where were going today. I spent most of my time as a hcildrens pastor and we had a harvest carnival every year to minister to ppl, NOT the negative stuff.
J:We did the same thing at our small country church. There were 7-500 ppl. We made sure there was a presentation of the gospel. We gave bibles to everyone to came trhough. There were games that they could play and the kids always had a great time. But it introduced the church to the community.
B: I think that s importatt we should take every opportunity to reach the community for Christ. We would turn the costumes around to a biblical perspective.
J: We decided to do a whole youth rally where we brought in bands and did a whole night concert. Then we had a pledge where people would pray for24 hrs. It was a free positive outreach and very powerful. We had a good time.
B: Even thuogh we use it as an outreach, I was amazed at how many came back the following sunday to question Jesus. We had an opportunity to have an impact.
J: why would we want to do this? The answer is oppotunity.
B: I think the church should start thinking outside the box, to be a lighthouse of salvation.
J: If your parents go somewhere, one thing they’ll tell u is clean your room. the first thing they’ll ask you is did you clean your room? That’s what jesus did when he told us to make disciples. The neat thing about being secluded is that the church made a big impact in the school and society. We could touch lives like no one else.
B: One time, we had all the cars lined up with candy so the kids could get home earlier.
A1: How would you respond to someone who has a problm withh the holiday?
B: The whole name was the “harvest party” to bring a harvest of the society. So just the name itself! We get so hung up on the minors that we don’t get he majors.
J: You cant ake any event and turn it around for Jesus. Why can’t we take aholidy of the world and turn it around for good.
A1: because a lot of people question the church. We aren’t celebrating anything negative, but bring people to Christ. If you have a problem, go see your pastor. All of our views don’t line up for Hallowe'en, but we do agree on Jesus ordering us to make disciples.