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Monday-Jersey Day

Tuesday-Pajama Day/Carnival

Wednesday-Class Color Day

Thursday-Superhero/Villain Day

Friday-Panther Pride Day/Homecoming Game


Ahhhhhh......fall is in the air. That can only mean one thing: time for Homecoming. That time of year when high school sweethearts are busying themselves getting ready for one of the more important dances of the school year. At this point, I would like to liken myself to Scrooge... BAH! Humbug...

You see, I find dances ridiculous. Why should I pay a crazy amount of money to go to a crowded room with a bunch of people I don't like and listen to the worst music on earth be blasted at levels that cause my ears to implode with a member of the opposite sex whom I must be endlessly trying to impress? Unless.........unless somebody pays my way.

Illustration by: David Ruiz

Why? 'Cause mine sucked.

Since there are those that want me to go to homecoming, I encourage those to find me twenty dollars and a date by the end of the week. It is only under these conditions that you will see me at homecoming. If you would like to contribute, I don't know... just give me like-a buck or something.