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To Whom it May Concern:

So anyway...this was the "family" vacation for 2003. I put family in quotes because it was just my parents, my sister, and me. The cabin was seven hours away, as well as one hour away from electricity. The cabin did have propane accessories, though. When we arrived, we had to turn on the water and water heater which was really exciting for me because we didn't know how. It was like figuring out a puzzle! (Yes, I'm a loser...)

I was never really bored up there. We brought a lot of board games along and had fun that way. The lake was about ten minutes from where we were staying, so I visited there often. It rained a lot up there, even in summer. There were also thunderstorms and hailstorms, one of which occured when we were trying to cook marshmallows over an open fire. Luckily, the fire didn't go out.

Some of the hikes were pretty fun, too. We went about six miles out into the wilderness, passing by meadows, streams, and the like. All the people that we met on our hikes were very friendly toward us and gave us directions ( compass).

It was very relaxing and quiet at night. My room was pitch black and the only sounds were the insects outside. All in all, I would go back and visit the cabin again next summer if I could.