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Here are the wallpapers... right click and select "set as background" or something.

Mac Users: You know also know that Macs ROCK PC's. Good job!

Click the back button on your browser to go back...I'm putting this together quickly...later I'll put one in and use thumbnails. For now, thanks for bearing with me.

My present desktop...These are all pictures of one of my cats: He's bigger now, but he still squeaks. I don't know, I thought he was cute!
A Christmas desktop with lyrics from "We Three Kings". A little late for Christmas, but keep it for next year!
I'm really proud of this one...there used to be nothing in the background; I added the man, the door, and their shadows. It's supposed to represent the changing of 2003-2004. Enjoy it!
This one won't make much sense to outsiders, but this is the DRHS Winter Formal desktop.'s a combination of images that I had to adapt. I like it...I hope you do too. And check the archives for Winter Formal coverage.
If you have any requests for wallpapers or desktops, give me an email and I'll see what I can do for you! Why? Because I get bored easily and I need something to do...