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Welcome, ladies and gents, to the long dormant, now awakened, B.E.N. Files._______________________ What does B.E.N. stand for? ____________________Nothing, really. ____________________I just thought it would be cooler as an acronym... ____________________I suppose it could be something... ____________________The Bloated, Epilectic, Newscaster... ________________The Beef Eating Network________________The Benevolent Entertaining Nerd_______________WINNER.:The Blastophobic Eccentric Ninja:.WINNER________________________________________________________________________Why are you still on this page? ______________________________Hey, I know! I'll scare the visitors by repeating everything I just said!!!
Welcome to the B.E.N Files! This is a silly little site I thought up ...oh, it must have been summer before ninth grade. Its original purpose was to let people know what was going on in my life, particularly that summer (I went to Hawaii and the High Sierras and Bass Lake). Anyway, nowadays I'm starting it up again to journal summer '05. Maybe after that, it'll live, maybe it'll die. Who knows?

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