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Bass Lake High Sierras
Greetings! And welcome to the fabled premiere of The B.E.N. Files. Here you will find accounts of my life as well as things I like to rant and rave about. Please email me with any comments, questions, or problems you might have.


August 25,'s nearly begun. Schedule? 1 - Weight conditioning w/Tolmachoff, 2 - English II a w/ Saunders, 3 - Pre Calculus w/ Crabtree, 4 - Chemistry w/ Marquez, 5 - AP World History w/ De Vries, 6 - Chinese 2 w/ Algozer...

August 20,2003-NEW-The companion to The B.E.N. Files, The B.E.N. Documents is up and running. Go visit it!

August18,2003-CONTEST!!! Whoever comes up with the funniest APPROPRIATE acronym for B.E.N. will get ... a surprise. Yeah, a surprise! And all runners-up will be placed on the marquee at the beginning. Email entries to the address at the bottom of this page. Good luck, and may the Force be with you...

August 13, 2003-O.K., so there was this lady on the streets coming toward me with a guy chasing after her with a broken bottle in his hand. I knew he was going to hit her, so I stuck out my hand and took the cut for her. I then disarmed the villain and kept him at bay until the police arrived and arrested him. Luckily, only my finger got cut, and the bottle barely missed the bone. I now have five stitches in my left index finger .............. Alright, so I cut it with a knife when I was opening a package of cheese!

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